Proxl Global Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor of Plastic water meter boxes. A water meter box is the best option to protect your water meter from destruction. Protecting your water meter is probably the best venture that you can make on the grounds that most meter boxes are very affordable, attractive and durable. If water meter damage then very costly to repair a water meter and it is advised that everyone buys a meter box. Proxl Global manufacturer two most popular color water meter boxes are blue and black. The standard box covers the 5/8 x 1/2" and the 3/4" water meters.

Evolution of the Meter Box:

The water meter box cover has come a long way in style, shape, color and purpose.

Meter boxes are rectangular and Circular Shapes were used to protect water meters from cold temperatures because the weather affected the meter’s accuracy. It’s manufactured by polyethylene material. That’s a reason cheaper, more attractive, and easier to install compare to Iron meter boxes.

There are Two Types of Water Meter Box:

Plastic Water Meter Boxes– The plastic utilized is very solid and tough comparably to the cast iron or solid meter boxes. The most popular type of plastic used is polyethylene, which is known for its quality and capacity to withstand a huge measure of weight. Make these meter boxes are durable and strong, the meter boxes are extremely lightweight. In addition, the quality of the box prevents damage from sun ray.

Cast Iron/ Concrete Water Meter Boxes– these are heavier than the plastic meter boxes. Cast Iron meter boxes are usually manufactured in circles, rectangles and squares. These meter boxes can be built for larger meters than domestic meters such as size 2" or 4".

Shape of Meter Boxes:

Proxl Global is manufacturer Water meter boxes in two different shapes:

Rectangular Water Meter Box:

It is still popular in many countries because of its ability to protect larger size meters than the circular shape meter boxes.

Circular Water Meter Box:

it is most common for 15mm and 30mm water meters because it fits perfectly around them. Some manufactures construct circular meter boxes for larger water meter too.