Proxl Global is one of the highest production Water Meter Box Manufacturer in Amritsar. A water meter is perfect protection that helps to protect your water meter. This water meter box is the best option to protect our water meter. This Water Meter Box is very affordable, attractive, and durable. Our water meter boxes are in two colors one of the blue colors and the second is black water meter box and that color is so attractive and the sizes of water meter covers are 5/8 x 1/2” and 3/4” water meters. Circular Water meter Box

The water meter box is mainly used for residential and commercial purposes, so Residential Water Meter Box helps to protect the water meter from other heavy materials like stone and also sun rays, weather. Securing your water meter is likely the best endeavor that you can make because most water meter boxes are truly moderate, appealing, and solid.

In a water meter box manufacturing Proxl Global used high-grade raw materials such as plastic, Polypropylene, Hdpe, etc. And these materials are very lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another place. This material has good resistance to the environment. And is also manufactured with polyethylene material that is cheaper and more attractive. The water meter box comes in different shapes and sizes.Plastic Water Meter Box

Two types of Water meter Boxeswe are providing such as rectangular water meter boxes and circular Water Meter boxesThese sizes of water meter boxes can protect the larger size of water meter boxes. So, it can be fit easily anywhere.

The plastic water meter boxes are very solid to compare cast iron or solid meter box and it is the very lightweight and perfect shape to easily carry. And the best polyethylene plastic is used in making these products.

These meter boxes are durable and strong and the quality of this box is preventing damage from the sun rays.