Proxl Global is one of the best Water Meter Box Manufacturer in Faridkot. The water meter is perfect that helps to protect your water meter. Use high-grade raw materials such as HDPE, Polypropylene, etc. And we are manufacture in the water meter box and also supply in different areas in Faridkot. The material which is used in water meter manufacture is solid and the best raw-materials for which gives good resistance and all material is used in a variety of applications and industries.Plastic Water Meter Box

These plastic water meter boxes are is light in weight and flexible. Our experienced and skilled engineers design and produce the highest quality and we offer our product’s reliability and durability to our valuable clients at pan world. It is easy to carry because its weight is very light. We are believed in delivering on time and ship your products as soon as possible and provide safe packing to the products.

Two types of water meter boxes, rectangular water meter boxand circular Water Meter box. We are manufacturing both shapes of the water meter box. It protects from cold temperature and safe for fall down any heavy materials. This is designed to larger size due to fit easily anywhere to protect our water meter. 

Water meter boxes with different colors like black water meter box and blue water meter box that colors are attractive. Water meter boxes are used for residential and commercial purposes for protection water meters. Residential water meter box helps to protect the environment.Residential Water Meter Box

The size of the water meter box is 5/6 x 1/2” and 3/4”. Mostly use this size of water meter because this size is too large to fit easily in the water meter. That is also the best option to customize the products according to the client’s requirements. We provide a reasonable price to our clients we understand the client’s requirement and their needs so that we provide the best price to our clients.