Water Meter Pit CoverProxl Global is one of the simplest Water Meter Box Manufacturer in Eranakulam. We offer high-quality meter boxes at a reasonable price. We are the most important manufacturers of the meter box and that we also are supplying in several areas of Eranakulam. A meter box is that the best choice to guard your meter from destruction. Protecting your meter is perhaps the simplest purpose. The venture that you simply can make on the grounds. The meter box cover has come an extended way a la mode, shape, color, and

The standard box covers size 5/8 x 1/2″ and 3/4″ water meters. Water meter boxes are used for residential and commercial purposes. Securing your meter is probably going the simplest endeavor that you simply can make because most meter boxes are truly moderate, appealing, and solid. Water meter cover boxes manufacturing used high raw- material and best plastic or Polypropylene, etc. Material has good resistance to the environment.

A water meter box may be a plastic box specially used for underground water pipes, gas, and other line valves to facilitate the inspection, opening, closing, replacement, and other settings of those valves.

The shape of water meter Box

  1. Circular water meter Box
  2. Rectangular water meter Box

Water Meter Box ManufacturerMostly both shape and size are utilized in meter cover boxes and its size is just too large to suit easily within the meter. These boxes are solids and strong or long durable.  Lightweight to hold and excellent shape and size and also looking attractive. The underground water meter box are very solid and hard comparably to the forged iron or solid meter boxes. The foremost popular polyethylene plastic is employed, which is understood for its quality and capacity to face up to an enormous measure of weight.

Water meter boxes are durable and powerful, extremely lightweight.  Additionally, the standard of the box prevents damage from the sunray.