Water Meter BoxProxl Global is one of the biggest Water Meter Box Manufacturer in Pathankot. And we are one the largest manufacturer and suppliers in different areas in Pathankot. water meter cover boxes are basically used to protect our water meter. And we supply high-quality meter boxes at a reasonable price. That water meter box is the perfect shield for protecting the water meter from dust, rain, and other harmful material. For water meter cover boxes manufacturing used Polypropylene and Hdpe material etc. HDPE water meter box has good chemical resistance and no absorption in this material which stays long-time. Water Meter Box is lightweight that can easily durable and weight-saving.

Two types of color in water meter cover box available black and blue water meter box that is so attractive and the standard box covers size 5/8 x 1/2″ and 3/4″. These water meter boxes are very attractive, affordable and they come in different sizes. These meter boxes are often used for residential purposes that also provide residential water meter boxes. Water Meter Box is used due to protect the water meter from sun rays, heavy rain, and high temperatures. because the weather affected the meter’s accuracy.Polypropylene Water Meter Box

Water Meter Box is powerful and long-lasting durable which is extremely lightweight. Is the best quality of the water meter box is not damage from the sunray. Our meter boxes can easily get at a reasonable price its price is not costly it can afford anyone easily. we manufacturing water meter box design too large because fit anywhere. Available in different sizes, also Proxl Global can customize the products according to the client’s requirements and also provide the best packing of products and delivery on time.

A water meter is a device that measures the quantity of water. Basically, it is used in commercial buildings and residential and water meters located outdoor so it needs to protect him that’s way water meter cover box is the best option for protecting water meters.